Engineering Modelling Platinum

About us

We are specialists for tailored design of Platinum systems used for melting, conditioning and feeding of hot glass.

Our customers are glass manufacturers worldwide. We help them to achieve the best quality of their production.

Using our scientifical background combined with our practical experience, we continually improve our understanding of processes in electrically heated Platinum systems containing molten glass.

Our customer service starts usually with consultations about the planning of a new production or improving the existing one. Then we start our design work, which ends up with delivery of the complete Platinum modules including insulation,steel frame, heating control and mechanical systems. Commissioning, production optimization and after sales services are a standard part of our delivery.


Supported technologies

  • Gob feeders

    for standard and special glass types (technical and laboratory)

    gob weights 9 g – 5 kg

    streaming up to 30 kg

  • Stirring

    effective for all forming processes

    increasing of glass homogeneity

    reduction of the cord visibility

  • Glass beads

    application for direct production by cutting of streaming glass

    diameter range 0.4 - 2.2 mm

  • Parfume bottles

    feeding to IS machines

    high quality and high temperature gobs from 9 g up

    allows fast job changes


    available for wide range of pullrates (0,05 to 5 tons per day)

    excellent control of adjusted pullrate

    easy start-up without burner, easy stop by internal cooling


    for high quality tubes and capillaries

    rods up to 50 mm diameter


    for high quality tubes, also pharmaceutical

    high glass homogeneity

    excellent pullrate control


    application for high quality glasses

    removing bubbles bigger than 0.1 mm

    usable also for non-alkali glasses

    reduced occurance of Platinum inclusions


    complete treatment of molten glass to meet high quality standards, also for LCD production

    engineering and consulting support

    special forming process support

How we do it - Our business scope


In discussion with our customer, we find the best possibilities for the use of Platinum systems in customer’s factory.


Using our own experience and proven software, we design tailored solutions which meet customer's needs concerning manufacturing process.


We create manufacturing drawings for Platinum parts, steel support and insulation as well as heating and control system.

Full service delivery

We deliver our systems ready for use. To ensure this turnkey handover we manage all aspects of manufacturing and transportation.


In our workshop we set up the Platinum systems into refractory and steel cases to ensure the proper function and long lifetime of the system.


We supervise the installation of Platinum systems in the factory and assist our customer until the guaranteed production quality and quantity is reached.

After sales services

Continuous support of our customers to keep and improve the production quality is our standard approach. Remote data analysis allows us trouble shooting online. In addition, we offer repairs and spare parts delivery.

Modeling services

We can provide coupled mathematical simulations of electrically heated Platinum systems including flanges, surrounding insulation and glass flow.


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